The logo. Includes a picture of a woman reading the Bible.’s goal is about returning to the Bible, returning to God.  Its goal is to make things understandable.  It is about getting away from treating the Bible as a buffet table (choosing and ignoring verses according to one’s preferences), accenting the verses we choose, and placing the verses we do not want to accept in the back of our mind, attempting to reason them away.
       St. Peter, to whom Christ gave the keys of the kingdom of heaven, gave the instructions on how to join Jesus Christ: (1) on the first day of the Church; (2) to the first converts of the Church; (3) ALL the apostles stood with St. Peter as he gave these instructions (Acts 2:14).  These points identify St. Peter’s instructions (Acts 2:38–39) as the official Bible instructions (main instructions) for joining Jesus Christ.  Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, was present too.


The first day of the Church is the day Jesus Christ activated his Church by giving them the power (the Holy Ghost / the Holy Spirit).


The Church is all the Spirit filled people who are genuinely following Jesus Christ.


A key does not have to be a metal key.  The key can simply be the knowledge of how to enter the kingdom of Heaven.  St. Peter's instructions are the key instructions on how to enter Jesus Christ, who leads us to Heaven.


       The Problem:  Did you ever hear anyone teach these main instructions for joining Jesus Christ?  Often these instructions are pushed to the back, because they do not seem to be in full harmony with what people choose to believe.


       The Book, "MISSING BIBLE VERSES, Missing from common beliefs", works at explaining St. Peter’s instructions, showing many Bible verses which support his instructions.

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