Christian Bible, baptism words not translated


Do you know that the baptism words (baptize, baptism, Baptist, etc.) were not translated into English?   Read about it in Chapter E, in the Free book below.


        Our English New Testament was translated from Greek.  When they translated it, they did not translate the baptism words into English.  Baptism words are words like baptize, baptism, Baptist, etc.  Translating would be transferring the Greek words into English words.  When they came to the baptism words in the Bible, instead of transferring these Greek words into English words, they simply transferred them into the English alphabet/pronunciation; it is called transliteration.  We have Greek words spelled with the English alphabet, using the English suffixes to mold them into the English language.

       The Greek word baptízō, which we now have spelled in English, is baptize; it means an immersion dip.  To understand it, we go back and study the Greek meaning of the word baptízō, during the correct time period.


      For a deeper understanding, download and read the following book.  The book also contains many other interesting topics.


The missing Bible verses are verses that are missing from common beliefs, because they are ignored.


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