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Why is the Day of Pentecost (in Acts 2) the First Day of the Church?    Read Chapter B, in the Free book below.


        With the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the dispensation of the Law ended.  Then for forty days, before he ascended up into Heaven, Jesus Christ taught and instructed his eleven disciples.  Jesus Christ handed the work of preaching the gospel, and everything that goes along with it, over to his followers; but being humans, they did not have what it takes to properly do the job.  Nine days after Christ's ascension, God put his Spirit inside Christ's followers.  Now with the Spirit of God dwelling inside of them, giving them guidance and power, Christ's followers had what it takes to properly preach the gospel, and everything that goes along with it.

       The followers of Jesus Christ receiving the Holy Ghost (Divine power) is what activated the Church; thus, making it the first day of the Church.


      For a deeper understanding about receiving the Holy Ghost, including Bible verses, download and read the following book.  The book also contains many other interesting topics.



The missing Bible verses are verses that are missing from common beliefs, because they are ignored.


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