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Why did St. Paul re-baptize people who were already baptized with the baptism of John the Baptist?   Find the answer in Chapter H, including the Bible verses, in the Free book below.


       Baptism is a joining/converting ceremony.   The followers of John the Baptist were to convert from following John to following Jesus Christ (this was God's plan).  Being baptized in the name of "Jesus Christ" is the Bible ceremony for joining, converting to, becoming a follower of, Jesus Christ.  When they were baptized again, they were baptized in the name of "Jesus Christ".  With baptism, they converted from being followers of John the Baptist to followers of Jesus Christ.  

       For a deeper understanding about Jesus name baptism being the Bible's official ceremony for joining, converting to, Jesus Christ, and for the Bible verses that proclaim it, download and read the following book.  The book also contains many other interesting topics.


The missing Bible verses are verses that are missing from common beliefs, because they are ignored.

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