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How does the world get so many different beliefs from the same Bible?   Find the answer in Chapter 3, in the Free book below.


       The Bible is a book of true statements, and people have a tendency to pick and choose individual statements to form their beliefs.  Words have different meanings, and people choose which meaning to apply to the words in the statements.  In the end, too many people/churches construct their own beliefs with pieces of the Bible.

       A big problem is as follows:  People weld themselves to their constructed beliefs, believing their beliefs are absolutely and completely correct.  Often they will fight against, refusing to honestly study, Bible beliefs that appear contrary to their constructed beliefs.  Sometimes people go as far as rejecting Bible verses, because they appear to be contrary to their beliefs.  When we reject Bible verses, we are rejecting truth.

       Many people will say amen (agree) to the above, while they are looking at other churches.  But we need to focus on our self, because we are often doing the same thing.

       Studying the Bible is a never-ending study.  As the Spirit of God increases our understanding of the Bible, we need to adjust our beliefs and actions to fit the Bible.  If we want truth, we must stay inside the Bible.


       For a deeper understanding, download and read the following book.  The book contains many interesting topics.


The missing Bible verses are verses that are missing from common beliefs, because they are ignored.


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